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Anaesthesia/intensive care

Einführhilfen für den Endotrachealtubus

Unintentional injuries of patients who undergo treatment is not a new phenomenon. According to studies, treatment errors in German hospitals cause health problems in patients in around 190,000 cases each year, as well as subsequent costs. The incorrect positioning of patients during surgery can quickly lead to unpleasant consequences. Due to the growing recognition of safety problems in health care, it is about time that we spread solution concepts. Like our  QVIEW disposable positioning cushion for patient positioning during surgery in the prone position. It ensures the correct positioning of the patient and helps the anaesthetist to monitor the patient with the integrated mirror. Just like our PROTECTIVE EYE MASK. It protects the patients' eyes from injuries and drying out during the operation. This, in turn, prevents injuries and subsequent costs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: freephone 0800-8835000.

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